MORE DETAILS about BurnoutProof:



Your time is precious, we know. Commitment time each week: 2 hours or less. You can put more into it, but to cover the bases it’ll be about 2 hours.

  • INTEL(LIGENCE): Corri will send you a video or some written content of her addressing your group directly – something to chew on. 10 minutes, with extra content for eager beavers *chomp chomp*
  • REFLECTION & ACTION: You’ll get two pieces of work: a reflection (a PDF or a journal assignment) and a brave action to take. (Don’t be daunted, sometimes the action is “take a bath” and sometimes it’s “start saying ‘no’ to your nosy neighbour.”) The reflection will take 10-20 minutes. The action is integrated into your everyday life, and flows from your reflection.
  • BUDDY: You will talk to your burnout buddy to check in. Some weeks it’ll be a quick email, some weeks a video chat or phone call. On a phone/video call week, you’ll set up a time that works for both of you, say a twenty minute call on Saturday night after the kids are in bed. In the last course, burnout buddies became close lifetime friends. 
    • You will be matched with a buddy who is also participating in the course! 
  • LIVE COACHING: To go deeper and broader, each week, we’ll do a live coaching session on the subject. Whether you’re watching or being coached, you’ll benefit hugely. If you’re busy at the scheduled time, you can watch the recording at your convenience. One hour. 
    • This timing will be scheduled once everyone is enrolled at the best time for the most people.
    • If you have to miss the coaching occasionally, you can watch it later as it will always be recorded. 
    • This intimate group will get to know each other through live chat, buddy time and coaching. 


  • Pre-course Prep:
    • Intrinsic value
    • Selfishness Versus Care for the self
    • Confidence & Identity
    • Faith-based misunderstandings
    • Body and Inner Being
  1. Stewardship: Only YOU Can Run Your Life
    1. Life isn't happening TO you
    2. Your life purpose
    3. Self-assessment
    4. Red-Yellow-Green-Blue Concept
    5. The Perfectionist Trap
  2. Slow, Stop, Rest & Limits
    1. Saying "no", saying "yes!"
    2. Clearing your plate: who put that there? 
    3. Decision-making 
    4. Personalized filter
    5. Good versus Great 
  3. EQ & Feeling your Feelings
    1. Why is this important? 
    2. What will you let yourself feel? What won't you?
    3. Emotional vocabulary
    4. Numb, bitter, brittle and soft of heart
    5. Saboteurs & Lies, Allies & Truth
  4. That Which Gives Life
    1. What is life-giving for you?
    2. Distinctions
    3. Comparisons are odious
    4. Start with Why
    5. Trees with Deep Roots
    6. Lower Your Standards!
  5. (Healthy) Relationships
    1. Circles of Trust
    2. Mentor, Mentee, Peers
    3. Empathy
    4. Listening
    5. Receiving Love
  6. Boundaries
    1. Caring Versus Carrying
    2. Walls, Gates and Fences
    3. Control versus Freedom
    4. Saying "No" and "Yes" to others
    5. When Helping is hurting
  7. Seasons
    1. Balance
    2. Rhythms
    3. Self-assessment
    4. Joy and Sorrow
  8. Closure
    1. Shame, Blame, Guilt & Fear
    2. Recap
    3. What are you taking away?
    4. The future: what are you moving toward?
    5. Peace, tranquility, joy, freedom

The rhythm of each week will be to a) receive and read/watch your INTEL, b) reflect and act, c) talk to your buddy and c) participate in or watch the live coaching. 


Why Does Corri Care SOOO Much About Burnout?

Corri says,

Burnout is no joke. As we talk ABOUT how to prevent (and heal from) burnout in the course, we will MAKE lots of jokes, because life is both tragic and humorous simultaneously. But yes, burnout is no joke, and I know that well.

I am keen to show others a road that leads AWAY from burnout, and toward health, joy, tranquility, passion, courage and purpose. It is not a microwave-quick solution – it takes work and time. And emotionally intimate companionship.

I love facilitating a group into trust, vulnerability, honesty, encouragement, challenge, laughter, tears, joy and hope. That is one of MY purposes in life.

One of my biggest lessons was how to have relationships in a good and healthy way. I’m writing a book on burnout. And I’m not doing it in isolation. I’m making Inkings (Burnout 101) and I’m leading this course, and people are reading my chapters, and it’s glorious to have meaningful connection on such an important topic.

I hope your story will intersect with mine and the others in this group . . . because who knows what will come of this synergy?” 


Very good question.Corri burned out four years ago. Her wonderful life coach, Mark Anderson, alerted her to the fact that she was in danger. She feels that he stopped her just before falling off a cliff – emotionally speaking.

Burning out was painful.

And the rebuild was lengthy. It was only last September that Corri felt herself close to full strength again.

The rebuild was intentional. It wouldn’t have happened naturally.

Corri laid on a couch for two weeks. The physical healing happened fastest, in weeks and months. But her mental, emotional and spiritual capacity had shrunk down to the size of a pea.

Corri found herself uncovering layers of lies, and poopy perfectionist patterns that kept her heading down Burnout Lane. She had to learn to say “no” – that was a hard one. She had to learn to stop feeling others’ feelings, and start feeling her own. She cried an ocean of tears, and climbed some steep cliffs.

Questions like can I trust God? and am I being selfish when I take time for myself? needed wrestling with, and answers weren’t quick to appear.