Hi there, and welcome to Burnout 101!

I burned out four years ago, and spent 3.5 years recouping. Seriously. I kept thinking I was better. But then a few months would go by, and I'd see that I was stronger again. It was six months ago that I saw myself back at full strength -- once again full of passion, interests, ideas, energy, no longer limping along too weak to care about anything or anyone else because I'd been burnt to a crisp.

It is my desire to equip you to spare yourself the PAIN and slow rebuild of a burnout. It doesn't have to happen. If it already has, don't blame yourself for what you didn't know. But resolve to never go back.

A bent towards burnout isn't something that goes away on its own. We have inner habits and weaknesses and lies that keep us moving towards burnout --- or AWAY from it. But it is certainly possible to move away from burnout, and toward peace, joy, simplicity, fun, laughter, enjoyment of this very moment --- instead of having a constantly-spinning-never-resting-always-list-checking-always-worrying mind.

So welcome.

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In hope, and joy,

Corri Lobbezoo