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Coach Corri says: 

"I see my clients set free to be themselves. We dig deep during sessions, and I love watching their growth in confidence and clarity. From there, they choose to create the lives they want!

I named my main program Know.Love.Grow because I was inspired by my clients. They have these amazing realizations of WHO they are (know). They also start really accepting and honouring that self (love). And these inner changes make a massive difference in their lives (grow) -- with work, at home, and in happiness levels. 

A few weeks ago, my client Eumee said, 'I know my intrinsic value now. I don't depend on anybody's approval.' Music to my ears!

Client Natasha told me, 'I've learned to live less defensively -- I'm more accepting of my own personality, my quirks, the way I am at my best. I don't need to compare myself to anyone to feel accepted.' Natasha now knows that she's 'uniquely gifted . . . and offers her gifts unapologetically.'

Natasha's an extrovert who values contemplation and 'introverting' more than before we began working together! She says the most fun has been thinking in analogies and metaphors. I'm so glad. My brain is super fertile with mental images that I love sharing with my clients. 

I think I was born to do this work! I love seeing lives become fertile, full of joy and zest. I'm addicted to seeing you grow in confidence . . . and tranquility as you quiet the inner critics and play to your strengths." 


Why Work with Corri?

Corri gets creative introverts clearconfident and creating. Corri's clients live true, and create freely. You can be certain you will receive truth and acceptance, and be free to say anything. Client Courtney says, "I want to work with Corri because I know she'll actually tell me the truth and ask me the hard questions." For more real-life accounts from Corri's clients, click here.

Introvert Kingdom Coaching equips you with self-awareness and emotional intelligence to courageously express yourself from the inside out.

Corri’s coaching clients have shifted from....

  • victim-like to resourceful and resilient.
  • inner anxiety and overwhelm to more peace and simplicity.
  • limited options to FREEDOM.
  • living someone else’s agenda to living her own life.  
  • indecision and insecurity . . . to confident decision-making.
  • lying awake at night with swirling thoughts . . . to deep sleep and waking up excited about the day.

     Relationships at work and home change. Emotional numbness shifts into awareness of and respect for emotions, which results in        extraordinary intuition and creativity. It’s not magic. Corri guides you, you do the work, the results are inevitable. 

Don't take my word for it -- check out what people Corri has coached have to say -- click here. Or check out the kind of material Corri creates for her programs here. Or read about Corri's Coach-approach.

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