Courtney is an extrovert who is learning to feel (and express) her feelings, including negative ones. And to shift from always DO-ing to enjoy BE-ing. Watch her story and be inspired!

"I built a dam smack-dab in the middle of my stream of feelings, and this dam has allowed all these negative feelings to start building up . . . " 

COURTNEY G. | California, USA


On the unexpected perspective-changes from working with Corri in Know.Love.Grow:

 "It's not about controlling the future, but rather knowing myself and how to honour myself and my values. We've gone deeper and discovered more things than I thought possible . . . I highly recommend working with Corri, BUT only if you're into really discovering who you are, and not surface bullsh*t."

TINA K. | Vancouver, B.C. 



"You are a coach with laser-like intuitive instincts. 

What I mean by that is you can see right into the fog and pull out the issue or challenges like a highly skilled surgeon. This focus and precision on your part allows for some truly meaningful and productive work between us.  I think a big part of that is because you don't have your own agenda in a coaching session. You are so deeply committed to your client in the present moment that you are able to dial into what is being called up. This is not a skill that every coach has. 

It's hard to find someone who's truly committed to being impartial and checks their own interpretations at the door (judgment free environment). This makes you exceptional and creates a space between us that allows authenticity to prevail. 

There's no dancing around what's going on. 

I can go deeper and focus more intensely with you, than I can on my own or with other coaches I've worked with.  And this happens very efficiently in the space you create. 

Thank you for all the amazing coaching support you've given me and for your commitment to excellence.  You're an inspiration to work with and a woman of great wisdom!

SARA L. | Tofino, B.C. 



"My biggest change has been CONFIDENCE! Confidence to see life differently, confidence in the moment of struggle or figuring something out, confidence in myself to make decisions (based on my own life and who I am, not based on anyone else’s expectations). 

"I love bees. I'm a dance instructor!" -Christine E. 

"I love bees. I'm a dance instructor!" -Christine E. 

Before, I was muddled, stressed. I felt confused. Now, on everything from my inner being or life decisions or career --- ultimately, I see myself clearly.

I know now that I can change and make changes. This is empowering. I feel empowered!

And CLARITY! Corri helps me see myself the way I really am -- not through a lens of guilt or dishonesty, but from an honest, loving perspective, the same way that God sees us. 

You don’t always have that person who will show you yourself, reveal that barrier you’re putting up (that keeps you from really seeing yourself). With Corr, I get to break that down and say “this is who I am”. 

Corri, you’re a fantastic listener, intuitive. Very insightful."

CHRISTINE E. | Guelph, Canada



"I am overjoyed with Corri's coaching! She is both warm and professional. She has an insightful, thoughtful, creative, and energetic approach which helped me see myself and my dreams with fresh perspective and a greater enthusiasm. I highly recommend her as a life coach. Thanks so much Corri!" 

AMY S. | Waterloo, Canada


"I'm a writer and editor. I spent several years teaching in China (which is where Corri and I met!)." - Kim O.

"I'm a writer and editor. I spent several years teaching in China (which is where Corri and I met!)." - Kim O.

"In the middle of a major life change, I suddenly found myself overwhelmed and stuck.

I was looking for housing, looking for work, looking for purpose, looking for breathing room, looking for a lifeboat. I contacted Corri and was able to find the latter three (purpose, breathing room, lifeboat), which provided me a healthier space to find the first two.

Corrina helped me organize my life and break things down into doable pieces.

Her encouragement and insight is invaluable." 

KIM O. | Los Angeles, USA



"As a fellow coach, I was deeply impressed by Corri's integrity and intuition, gently creating the space where insight happens and change starts. 

Her radiant nature inspires me to open up. I felt like I was meeting a good friend and an old soul." 

UWE G. | Vancouver, Canada


"I love quiet walks. I'm a huge fan of hockey, basketball, golf, baseball. And the history of sport is fascinating!" -Dayna Y.

"I love quiet walks. I'm a huge fan of hockey, basketball, golf, baseball. And the history of sport is fascinating!" -Dayna Y.

When Corri coaches me, I really get to the heart of the matter I'm trying to address. I can bring a problem or a question about my life and we work it through together. She is very adept at asking great questions, which gets me thinking about new ideas and possibilities. 

Corri listens when I speak and she doesn't rush me. She helps me to see more of what I want in a situation and we work on steps together that will allow me to move forward. 

I leave the session feeling empowered because I have a plan of action. The best part about coaching is that it keeps me moving forward and it keeps me accountable to my own goals and wishes. 

Corri is a truly great coach and a brilliant person. I recommend her to all! 

DAYNA Y. | Victoria, Canada



"Corri helped me to process and verbalize my thoughts, and asked patient, useful and prompting questions. She was able to help me focus my thoughts and feelings so I could understand what I was struggling with. She also gave me applicable tips for moving forward, and reminded me of truths I needed to hear. Thank you, Corri!" 

MICHELLE K. | Kitchener, Canada


"I'm quiet and insecure initially, bubbly and sassy when I am comfortable. I'm a critical care nurse!" -Eumee S.

"I'm quiet and insecure initially, bubbly and sassy when I am comfortable. I'm a critical care nurse!" -Eumee S.

Working with Corrina is the best! So good!

During sessions, I feel safe, welcome and free to explore different ways of thinking,

Corrina is so compassionate and listens well, yet so wise and witty!

I'm less insecure. I'm more confident about myself! I think, know and see myself and situations more clearly.

Often I've behaved out of expectations of others (I am a people pleaser) but now I am learning to choose or make decisions based on my core values (acceptance, fairness, genuineness, simplicity and diversity/range). 

Another great change: I can discern between a "need to" and "want to" where I used to live with "should do." Now I exercise my "want to"... and don't feel guilty about that decision.

EUMEE S. | Hamilton, Canada


"Corri has a genuine heartfelt approach, encouraging meaningful reflection while proving a safe comfortable space to explore. 

I dug into spaces of myself that had not been readily uncovered. From this I gained a deeper understanding about myself and was able to purposefully create goals that aligned with my values, personal expectations and hopes for the future. 

Corri truly shines as an individual and as a life coach. Thanks for your support, Corri! I am grateful our paths have crossed."

BREANNE K. | Victoria, Canada

"I'm love being with people, but also love my solitude!" -Sarah M. 

"I'm love being with people, but also love my solitude!" -Sarah M. 


Corri is a very thoughtful, consistent, and wise presence in my life. 

I've been so encouraged by Corri's life coaching and communication style.  I really appreciate her ability to focus on specific areas of growth and to encourage and empower me in active and helpful ways. 

I highly recommend Corri to anyone who is seeking growth and change in their life. 

SARAH M. | Victoria, Canada




"Corri is extraordinarily insightful. 

She gracefully pulls clients out of whatever small problem they're fixated on, guiding them to see the bigger picture of who they are, and how they're unfolding to become that person. 

I thought I had a high degree of self-awareness, but Corri's gentle intelligence and expert guidance unlocked something buried deep; the self realizes greater, deeper potential to tap into with this life coach. 

Corrina's unparalleled questions, empowering take-aways, and perceptive interpersonal skills are well worth your time." 

BLYTHE H. | Vancouver, Canada


"I'm a graduate student. I really likes prunes!" -Nicole H.

"I'm a graduate student. I really likes prunes!" -Nicole H.

Corrina is patient, encouraging, and warm, and she is consistently present and engaged no matter where the conversation goes.

Through coaching, I've discovered that it’s good to be me! That sounds trite, but I feel coaching has given me a lot of self-assurance. 

Rather than becoming a different person, coaching has helped me to be more myself. 

I have a sense of peace knowing that I don’t have to be who others expect me to be. I can make bolder decisions and be kinder to myself. 

I am more aware and confident of my strengths, and what I value. This helped me make better use of my time and energy:  I am working with my strengths rather than trying to improve (or disprove?) my weaknesses. 

It’s FREEING to know who you are and aren’t, and what you're good at and not good at. 

NICOLE H. | Victoria, Canada



"I highly recommend Corri's coaching services! She has helped me to gain clarity and understanding during transitions, asked good and helpful questions, and encouraged me to look closely at my life to pursue the things I'm most passionate about - and then helps me plan to get there! Boom!"

NATASHA M. | Kitchener, Canada

"I'm a teacher. And a mom!" - Sarah D. 

"I'm a teacher. And a mom!" - Sarah D. 


"After my session with Corri, I find myself reflecting on insights she shared and feeling less overwhelmed by my challenges. Corri's ability to target problem areas and provide constructive methods to change has been instrumental in helping me focus on making improvements. 

Her encouraging words resonate with sincerity. I highly recommend Corri as a life coach!" 

SARAH D. | Brantford, Ontario





"Corri dove right in with me.  We got to the core of things as she pushed me to really focus. 

She’s a great listener. And she uses refreshing techniques and imagery!"

VICTORIA N. | Toronto, Canada


I worry less about what people will think, because I'm more comfortable with my strengths and who I am.

Working with Corri is a chance to step away, breathe deeply and think deeply, and take a step forward with my shoulders squared to whatever challenge is ahead. Corrina is an excellent coach!

I feel challenged and motivated to dig introspectively during our sessions. I feel supported and encouraged, but not coddled. I'm equipped with the right questions and framework to make great steps in my life.

I've been surprised by how tired I feel after our sessions! We work hard together and it is good, challenging stuff.

Identifying my strengths and values gave me freedom to unapologetically and freely operate from a place that is really "me".

"My New Year's resolution in 2012 was to learn to enjoy wine...still don't like it. Maybe I need some coaching in this area? :)  I work in management and business development with a staffing/personnel start-up. My background is in science." - Natasha C. 

"My New Year's resolution in 2012 was to learn to enjoy wine...still don't like it. Maybe I need some coaching in this area? :)  I work in management and business development with a staffing/personnel start-up. My background is in science." - Natasha C. 

I'm now better equipped to isolate whatever negative things are being said and consciously respond. Understanding the role that the Saboteur (Inner Critic) voice plays in my thought processes and decisions has been critical for me. Really helpful.

 Coaching with Corri has allowed me to take active steps in areas of my life that I was hesitating in. I've picked up hobbies that I had been pushing off. I've taken on new challenges, and said no to other things, because I better understand where my strengths are.

NATASHA C. | Toronto, Canada



"In one session, through her warm and patient facilitation, Corri helped me move forward on a goal I've been stagnant on for a long time. Woohoo! She approached my topic in ways I wouldn't have thought of on my own. I learned more about myself, and felt affirmed by Corri’s encouraging words." 

RACHAEL C. | Toronto, Canada


"I love playing soccer! I'm  a student, and  an entrepreneur." - Allyssa L.

"I love playing soccer! I'm a student, and an entrepreneur." - Allyssa L.

"If you think of our complex lives as an ocean, Corrina has incredible talent for seeing through the surface area to find the immense depth beneath. 

I recommend her coaching for anyone who is human and who struggles. It's helped me gain perspective, and understand that even in the most difficult situations there are always more options and perspectives. 

When Corri coaches, she radiates empathy while still being very much professional. She listens patiently, exhibits care, and then asks important questions like, "I hear all the pain you have been talking about; what do you think is at its root?""

ALLYSSA L. | Victoria, Canada




"Our sessions are thought-provoking and life-giving. 

Corri creates a professional, yet personal and safe space to talk. She is excellent at active listening and asking good questions. 

Our time is reflective, pro-active, realistic, encouraging. Corri brings perspective and clarity to situations." 




I can trust Corrina to be honest with me. She sees things in me and helps me see myself more clearly. I feel valued and safe when talking with Corri.

I've grown in confidence and authenticity. A big change is that I am more myself! 

I'm equipped to live by the truth more than paying attention to the lies. I'm able to focus on the things I thrive at, rather than doing many things half-heartedly.

It's been really helpful to have a consistent person (Corri) to track with me and to challenge me in ways that others don’t.

Now, I feel freedom to express myself. I'm calmer internally. So my life is more peaceful. 

 MARTHA M. | Hamilton, Canada

"I enjoy knitting . . . and hip hop!" -Martha M.

"I enjoy knitting . . . and hip hop!" -Martha M.



“I had always been curious about Life Coaching, but wasn’t sure what the visceral value would be. It's served as a critical pivot point in my life!

Corri acted as a sounding board for me – she revealed my fears in a non-judgemental way and brought clarity to the situations.

I left the session feeling heard, accepted, validated, empowered, and more clear on the direction that I was moving in. I would HIGHLY recommend seeing her!“

JENNIFER H. | Victoria, Canada

"I'm a night owl who works in communications and loves eating healthy." -Rachel D.

"I'm a night owl who works in communications and loves eating healthy." -Rachel D.



"Corri's a natural at coaching. 

She is effective, professional, insightful, trustworthy and wise in her coaching style. 

I used to think life coaching was an unnecessary extra. I've learned over the years that it's a great practical help to move forward in any area of life."

RACHEL D. | Toronto, Canada




"With Corri, I got great insights into my issues that gave me clarity on how to move forward." 

SARAH V. | Hamilton, Canada


I'm a dancer, and I've served in the military. 

I'm a dancer, and I've served in the military. 


"To the amazing life coach Corrina!

Thank you so much for open my eyes and show me the right way to happiness and truth. 

You have unusual understanding of life, and you have the ability to see over a thing.

Thank you so much!!"  

Michal Y. | Jerusalem, Israel