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Burnoutproof PLUS

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The BurnoutProof PLUS Course includes:

-weekly live group coaching

-an assigned burnout buddy

-action items and worksheets

-a supportive community

-two ONE ON ONE coaching sessions with Corri on the topics of your choice

BurnoutProof Plus:
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From now until Saturday, December 31 at 5:00 PM EST, this BPPLUS course includes the following bonuses:

1. Lifetime access (this means whenever this course runs throughout the year, you can access the content.) 

2. access to the VAULT 

The Vault is an ever-growing, well, VAULT, of helpful information, videos, recordings and worksheets on burnout prevention and recovery.


  •  Honest Interviews of men and women who have burnt out
  •  Corri reads academic articles on burnout and gives a 2-minute summary in plain English and makes it applicable
  • Interviews with health care professionals who teach their best relaxation and stress management techniques
  • As well as videos, there are audio files for listening during the commute

3. THREE Reunion Checkins

Someone is worried that, by mid-March, he will be back to his old patterns and no longer connected to the group.
First of all, I will train you and you will practice creating habits that will stick.

But still, good point.

So bonus #3 is . . .

 3 reunion sessions at the end of March, April and May to give you followups one month, two months, and three months after the course has ended.

Check back in with everyone, share your wins and what you’re still working on, get a boost of challenge, affirmation and encouragement.