Fun Facts: Corri . . . 

•  Has a BA from McMaster University and MA from University of Waterloo.

•  Was a goat farmer from age 5-15.

•  Lived and taught in China for two years.

•  Trained to be a life coach with CTI Coaches Training Institute in Toronto and Vancouver. 

•  wants to connect with you on Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter

•  Has six siblings. Yup, that's seven kids total.

•  Was homeschooled from Grade 4 to Grade 12.

•  Did OACs after Grade Twelve! (Bonus if you know what that is).

•  Lived in Lancaster, England, for a semester.

•  Loves the West Coast, her new home.

•  Is a strong introvert who loves people but often prefers books.

•  Has swum in the Amazon river (see photo below).

•  Wrote a Master's thesis in History on the Dutch Calvinist community she was raised in.  

•  Loves kayaking.

•  Considers seeing a whale in the water a highlight of her month.

•  Has played piano her whole life.

•  Is a B-Schooler! Woot woot! 

•  Loves telling new stories on the Introvert Kingdom blog, and connecting with you via social media.


Hi there!

How are you? Thanks for popping by!

My name is Corrina Christine Lobbezoo, aka Corri.

I'm interested in seeing growth-hungry people gain emotional intelligence and wellness.

I also find creativity to be one of the highest and most delightful, fulfilling pursuits.

So my approach to pretty much anything includes EQ (emotional intelligence). 'Cause I believe that to succeed at anything, even solitary pursuits like creating  -- success meaning happiness, fulfillment, profit, etc -- EQ's gotta be embedded in our learning and doing. I live this and I teach it! 

I spend my time reading, researching, learning, writing -- and coaching and working with a few humans and groups who are thirsty to break out of conformity and EXPRESS their authentic selves in life and work with creativity and boldness.

If this is you, I'd sure love to connect with you. I tweet, instagram and pin -- that's one fun way to connect! 


Corri (Corrina Lobbezoo)

I post pretty pictures from my daily life on Instagram: