Corri’s Coach-Approach is to Know, Love & Grow

The Know.Love.Grow Programs were created by Corri Lobbezoo, condensing the best from her 5-year quest for clarity and courage. In Know.Love.Grow, we focus inward, accept all that we discover, and take charge of our lives powerfully.

Know.Love.Grow is a specific program, but is actually Corri's philosophy in general. 

Corri believes that everyone is meant to create something special in the world; but this requires an understanding and an acceptance (love!) of self. If you don’t know yourself, how can you authentically show up? How do you know what to do, what to pursue, where to work, who to marry? If you don’t love yourself truly, you’ll get blocked every time you’re about to make a creative breakthrough.

Working with Corri teaches you how to DISCOVER and keep discovering yourself, so that you can have the impact and life you desire.

Know Means....Insight. Really understand yourself in new ways. And make changes that honour who you really are. Live from the core of your inner being.

Love Means....Acceptance. You’re understanding yourself. Now accept and embrace yourself -- the light, the dark; the flaws, the strengths. Quit self-destructive habits. Demonstrate that you love yourself in healthy ways by giving yourself what you need.

           Grow Means....Lasting Change! The whole journey is growth. But the Grow concept provides powerful opportunities to practice your inner knowledge and self-acceptance in your relationships and the world around you. Courageously express the complex, delightful self that you've discovered!

“I know amazing humans who have amazing dreams to serve others and better the world. But they (we!) get blocked in that quest.
I feel called to be the supportive guide for creatives to get free to run their race.”
— Corri Lobbezoo