Don't wait until your life goes up in flames. BurnoutPROOF your life now!

Don't wait until your life goes up in flames. BurnoutPROOF your life now!

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There is always smoke before the fire. Same with burnout.

Burning out is a painful, fiery experience. 

Most of us missed the smoke that would've warned us.

This is your smoke alarm. 



How Corri burnt out
Have you ever burnt out?
Do you know someone who has? You probably do. 
I’ll tell you what: I didn’t think it could ever happen to me. I thought it just happened to nurses and other people. I didn’t even really know what burnout meant.
But it did.
It happened to me. I didn’t see it coming. Most people who burn out don’t. We know we’ve been going too hard for too long under too much pressure.

But we have a misplaced confidence that we can handle anything.

The smoke before the fire
If I had known what to look for --- which I didn’t --- I would’ve seen warning signs.
Can I take you back to my life in 2013?
First: I was overwhelmed with work
I worked for a faith-based charitable organization. Part-time. But actually, closer to full-time hours. Because I was never done.
If you’ve ever done not-for-profit work, you know how it never ends. And it’s such a good cause. If you’re religious, you’re also doing it for God: what could be more noble? And there were people, with needs, needs that I could meet.
Second: I was overwhelmed with my degree
Several years back, I had started a Master’s degree. When Graves’ disease turned me into a skinny, weary, brain-foggy lady, I had to defer for a term. And then again. And then I withdrew. And then I came back.
I was supposed to be “finishing my thesis.”
A 120-page thesis that hung over my like a $120,000 debt.
I felt idiotic. How could a one-year degree take nearly five? I was hot with shame.
Third: health troubles were overwhelming.
I couldn’t sleep. My nerves were totally frayed.
I had stomach issues daily.

I’d been unofficially diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, and was on a one-month cycle of RA flares: one week of rising pain and fatigue, one week falling, then two weeks ‘off.’ I wrote in my journal.
            I am desperately tired. Was yesterday, am today. A definite flare: feet and legs can hardly bear to not be propped up, sore hands and elbows. Reality is that energy is very small today.  

Another day I’m too tired to write except a list:
            Stomach pain, unable to sleep, too sick to exercise.
Fourth: I was overwhelmed emotionally.
My parents had revealed to me (and me only) that their marriage was in deep trouble. I knew I shouldn’t be the one intervening, but I was the only one they’d talk to.
It was painful. I wrote,
            Can’t bear thinking about the parents.
After six months of this, the news came out to the rest of my (six) siblings.
Relief. That’s what I expected. Relief to not be alone in this knowledge.
Instead of relief, I now had six siblings calling me and trying to get to the bottom of our parent’s marriage. Overwhelming.
I had all this love for my family but no matter how much I gave, there was more need. I wrote that a family member
          is very needy and I wonder what my calling is. I do deeply value family. But I also see my own well-being at stake because I don’t have good boundaries. This pulls me from my daily duties constantly.
 I wasn't able to play social worker and get my work and school done.

Fifth: I was harsh to myself.
Not only was I in the thick of a miserable time, I blamed myself.
I didn’t trust myself. I kept letting myself down. I saw myself as a failure on so many fronts.
            Why am I so bad at sticking to a task? I am such a fool.
I rather despised myself for not being able to handle all this and then some. I was supposed to be noble and brave and strong. I was embarrassed to write the truth:
             My emotions have been so raw that I’ve steered clear of anything challenging.
Sixth, I had no money.
My particular line of work had my income hovering somewhere under the poverty line for years.

Raise your hand if you’ve ever had money troubles.

Stressful? You know it.
So: work, school, health, family, self, financial trouble.

A perfect storm.
My life felt out-of-control.
 I couldn’t stop giving to others. Even though I knew it was hurting me.

I barely took time to sleep, never mind rest.
People burn out for different reasons.
This is my story. Yours is different.
Unfortunately, there are dozens of others.
Sometimes it’s an intense thing that does it. Or too much for too long.
But – get this – about a dozen of my CLOSE friends have burnt out in the last five years.
The fallout – for me and for my friends -- was not pretty. It’s devastating, in fact. (More about that in my next email.)
Burnout has repercussions. It can damage your physical health. It will steal your energy. Some people take years to get back to strength (I did). It’s hard on relationships. On your faith. On your job and finances (some people can’t continue working).
So. What happens next? 
The first step in burnout-proofing your life is to accept that you could burn out.   

Don’t think “this could only happen to someone else.”
About 89% of people who burn out thought it would never happen to them. Or didn’t even know it was a ‘thing’.

Here's the next step: check for smoke. (Smoke before the fire, right?) 

Take this test.
The second step is to genuinely assess yourself and your life. Even in just a few minutes.
So I made you this risk assessment.

8 quick questions.

Don't skip it; you're smarter than that. 

Let's go. Just click this button:  


So, I just shared the story of why I burned out.  

Stress had mounted up on every front. I was overwhelmed with work, school, health, family, and finances.

And I thought I was pathetic that I couldn't handle it.  

People talk about red flags. I talked about the smoke before the fire.

Well, the red flags were flying, the smoke was pervasive, but I didn’t see it. 

Is there smoke in your life?

Red flags?

Let's talk about some common lies that lead to burnout. 

Lie #1: "I could never burn out"

I've mentioned this one before.

I made this mistake. My religious beliefs blinded me on this. I thought anything was possible for those with faith. But essentially I was abusing myself by constantly going beyond my limits. 

Others have made this mistake too, many others. Sometimes it takes ages for us to accept that we have limits. 

Let me introduce you to my lovely friend Inge. (Well, I think she's lovely. You can decide for yourself!) She's from the Netherlands. I went to primary school with her.

In this video, she answers the question "did you think you could ever burn out?"

You too could burn out. 

Lie #2: "life is just inevitably super hard; I'll keep grinding it out."

My friend *Selah was living a busy life. She was living in an intentional community that reached out to its neighbours, doors always open; volunteering on Saturdays and Sundays with kids; working with two-year-olds full-time as an early childhood educator; leading a small group; and volunteering Thursday nights.

She says,

          I was always on.

           But I thought because they were all good things, and they were all good things that I enjoyed doing, that it was fine. I can do this, because I enjoy it.

She maintained this pace for four years. Finally, 

            I would come home from work and almost collapse sobbing in the shower. I wanted to run away from my life, move to another country where nobody knew who I was, throw away my phone.

Denial did Selah no favours. Still, it took three more months before she made drastic changes.

             It took three months from the crying before I cut everything off except my job. I moved into a quiet home, and worked, and read novels, and that’s it. I didn’t hang out with friends. I didn’t go to church much. I just stayed at home.

Life doesn’t typically slow down on its own. We have to grab hold of our lives if we want things to change. Usually life just gets busier and busier. As you know. This will not sort itself out.

Lie #3: "I'll bounce back if I burn out." 

Nobody bounces back from burnout. Nobody.

It took me (Corri) a long time to recover from my burnout:

  • About 6 weeks to get my physical strength back.
  • Mentally, a few months before my brain could handle bits.
  • Socially, at least 8 months (just to be able to seem normal socially).
  • Spiritually and emotionally, years. 

Back to *Selah. In June, she cut out everything except work, remember?

            This was June. I thought by September I’ll be able to jump back into it.

September came, and there was no way I could add anything else.

             Okay, maybe in December?!

And in December I wasn’t ready.

            And this time I didn’t say “maybe in a few months.”

At last, Selah stopped feeling guilty about not being 'better' yet and stopped trying to estimate her timeline.

            This past August is when I started to reach out to friends. Fourteen months later. I'm not back to normal. But I sometimes do social things.

How long did it take you to physically recover, Selah?

             About a year. I started hiking again about a year later. I had the energy to do it after work. Instead of seeming like a huge task just to get out for a walk. But still not people stuff. Social/emotional takes way longer.

Recovering from burnout is time-consuming, difficult and requires help.

Lie #4: Burnout is no big deal. 

For sure, it is different for everyone.

But easy? Never.

Let's hear from Inge again. 

Let's ask her what it felt like to go through burnout: 

Inge's not alone in thinking "I thought I was gone crazy. Or lazy!"

It's disorienting and painful to skid to a halt. And to have no choice in the matter.

LIE #5: "Productivity is my identity"

In the past, I (Corri) was playing the hero and the martyr. I had to be there for everyone else. I had to be selfless. That was my identity.  (It took me years to escape the web of codependence, but that's another story.) But, and let me emphasize, I did not see this at the time!

Remember how Selah always had her door open in a needy community, volunteered on weekends and evenings, worked as an ECE (think screaming mini-humans 9-5), and led a small group for four years?

She didn't see her unsustainable pace as a problem, because she did enjoy each individual commitment. It was the sum of them that was the problem. But letting people down and not being that person wasn't an option. 

It’s kinda what I made my identity, I guess, working with children, and volunteering and good deeds and being helpful.


My research on burnout shows this to be a classic tale. People in caring professions, especially those who care deeply about those around them, are at a much higher risk of burnout.

The research focuses so much on health care professionals, like nurses, which is maybe why we have this misconception that it only happens to nurses and counsellors. But if you do work or home time with a lot of emotional labour, you're at higher risk: educators, not-for-profit workers, parents, really caring friends, etc.  

It blew my mind to see the burnout risk assessment survey results -- by the way, thanks for participating! (Click here if you haven't had a chance yet; survey closes in a few days. It's short, free and anonymous.)

But check this out! 

restless guilty 33 respondants.png

Nearly seventy percent -- 70% -- of you said you always or often feel guilty or restless when you're not accomplishing anything! 

Let's be real: society rewards hard workers. I see it every day at my job (teaching English at Trent University). Nobody gets a raise because they rested on the weekend and are engaging in great self-care. (If you do have a job that rewards you for that, that's awesome though.)

So don't beat yourself up if this is you. We're kinda trained for this. 

But recognize that this is a huge risk factor for burnout. 

Let's recap. 

With some truths to counter them lies:

  1. You could burn out.
  2. You cannot 'push through' a burnout.
  3. If you do burn out, it'll hurt like heck and steal your normal life away.
  4. Recovery is tough. Your life stress, beliefs and patterns won't change overnight or on their own.
  5. You are at higher risk if productivity is an important part of your identity.




Those truths are good. But they're not enough.


I think there should be someone saying, “this is how you could burn out.” It could save you from a five-year recovery, financial ruin, or a broken relationship.


And there should be someone saying “this is how you recover from your burnout.” Because you freaking do NOT have the energy to solve that yourself right now.


And someone saying “here’s how you make sure you never burn out again.” Because lots of us have  burnt out, and keep finding ourselves close to that point again. 




My name is Corri. I am that someone.

I have created the course that would've kept me from burnout, if I'd taken it in time.

The course that would have guided me to recover from burnout.

And the course that continues to keep me from returning to burnout. 

I wanted to be able to help people BURNOUT PROOF their lives the way you can fireproof your most precious items in a fireproof safe. 


  • INTEL(LIGENCE): Corri will send you a video of her addressing your group directly – something to chew on. *chomp chomp*
  • REFLECTION & ACTION: You’ll get two pieces of work: a reflection (a PDF or a journal assignment) and a brave action to take. (Don’t be daunted, sometimes the action is “take a bath” and sometimes it’s “start saying ‘no’ to your nosy neighbour.”) The reflection will take 10-20 minutes. The action is integrated into your everyday life, and flows from your reflection.
  • BUDDY: You will talk to your burnout buddy to check in, through email, text, phone call, video call or face to face
  • LIVE COACHING: To go deeper and broader, each week, we’ll do a live coaching session on the subject. Whether you’re watching or being coached, you’ll benefit hugely.


Your time is precious, we know. You can do this course with 2 hours a week; you could spend up to 6 hours on it.


    1. Stewardship: Only YOU Can Run Your Life
      1. Life isn't happening TO you
      2. Your life purpose
      3. Self-assessment
      4. Red-Yellow-Green-Blue Concept
      5. The Perfectionist Trap
    2. Slow, Stop, Rest & Limits
      1. Saying "no", saying "yes!"
      2. Clearing your plate: who put that there? 
      3. Decision-making 
      4. Personalized filter
      5. Good versus Great 
    3. EQ & Feeling your Feelings
      1. Why is this important? 
      2. What will you let yourself feel? What won't you?
      3. Emotional vocabulary
      4. Numb, bitter, brittle and soft of heart
      5. Saboteurs & Lies, Allies & Truth
    4. That Which Gives Life
      1. What is life-giving for you?
      2. Distinctions
      3. Comparisons are odious
      4. Start with Why
      5. Trees with Deep Roots
      6. Lower Your Standards!
    5. (Healthy) Relationships
      1. Circles of Trust
      2. Mentor, Mentee, Peers
      3. Empathy
      4. Listening
      5. Receiving Love
    6. Boundaries
      1. Caring Versus Carrying
      2. Walls, Gates and Fences
      3. Control versus Freedom
      4. Saying "No" and "Yes" to others
      5. When Helping is hurting
    7. Seasons
      1. Balance
      2. Rhythms
      3. Self-assessment
      4. Joy and Sorrow
    8. Closure
      1. Shame, Blame, Guilt & Fear
      2. Recap
      3. What are you taking away?
      4. The future: what are you moving toward?
      5. Peace, tranquility, joy, freedom
    9. Bonus material:
      • Intrinsic value
      • Selfishness Versus Care for the self
      • Confidence & Identity
      • Faith-based misunderstandings
      • Body and Inner Being



    "Life-changing. Super practical. Depth mixed with joy and lightness. Oh my word. This is the best Christmas present I've ever bought myself." 
    "Don't join unless you are ready for change. It will hurt (at times), you will cry-laugh (at times), but it will be awesome, freaking awesome and so so very very necessary for your survival and thrive-al. It's a life thing."
    "I'll never be the same. This is still echoing through my life and the lives of those I touch." 

    There are three ways to participate in BurnoutProof.

    1. BurnoutProof LITE: An online course that you can tackle at your own pace. You will receive videos and worksheets, but not be coached live or matched with a buddy.  

    • Cost: $119 CDN incl. taxes, fees
      • ON SALE NOW - LAST CHANCE - $59.99 (8 week access) or $75.99 (one year access & Vault Access)
    • Sales offered to INsiders with email signup 
    • Purchase now

    2. The Standard BurnoutProof Course: An online course with live weekly group coaching, teaching videos and worksheets, and you'll be assigned to a buddy. It's fairly intensive. You can choose how much time you spend on it, but it'll take a minimum of 2 hours per week. 

    3. BurnoutProof PLUS: Everything from the Standard Course but with the addition of two private, one-on-one coaching sessions with Corri. This is for those who really want to go deep and want a hand making personal application.

    • Cost: $655 including all taxes and fees
      • Boxing Week Sale: 36% off & bonuses - $419
    • Purchase now


    POTENTIAL ISSUES and 3 big fat bonuses for Standard and PLUS members

    I've gotten some questions about potential issues. 

    Someone asked me:
    Corri, what if I can only absorb a small amount of this information in eight weeks?
    Great question.
    As an answer, I give you . . .



    This course will set you up for mental, social and emotional resilience and wellness. But it’s a condensed course for busy humans. What if you want to work on it more one year from now? DONE!
    With this bonus, you will get to access the course every time we run it. (*live coaching reserved for new members*) You’ll also get access to the new improved materials that come out each session.


    Someone else has more time and really wants to kick the burnout habit, and learn as much as possible.

    “Corri, do you provide any extra content?”
    I give you….

    BONUS#2: Access to THE VAULT

    Only BurnoutProof PLUS members usually get access to The Vault. The Vault is an ever-growing, well, VAULT, of helpful information, videos, recordings and worksheets on burnout prevention and recovery.
    What's in the Vault?

    •  Honest Interviews of men and women who have burnt out
    •  Corri reads academic articles on burnout and gives a 2-minute summary in plain English and makes it applicable
    • Interviews with health care professionals who teach their best relaxation and stress management techniques
    • As well as videos, there are audio files for listening during the commute


    Someone else is worried that, by mid-March, he will be back to his old patterns and no longer connected to the group.

    First of all, I will train you and you will practice creating habits that will stick.
    But still, good point.
    BONUS #3: THREE reunion sessions at the end of March, April and May

    To give you followups one month, two months, and three months after the course has ended. The course runs January - February.

    Check back in with everyone, share your wins and what you’re still working on, get a boost of challenge, affirmation and encouragement.

    These three bonuses along with the sales will never be offered again, so get in while ya can! 



    If you have participated and still hate the course, tell me, and I’ll give you your money back. Easy. 


    I am a not-for-profit worker. 


    I attended a the BurnoutProof series designed and run by Corri in the fall of 2016, with about half dozen other folks. I found the course to be valuable, as Corri was able to create a space where we could be vulnerable, so we could examine ourselves and our responses to life’s stressors in a way that we might actually change these responses. 

    In addition to her course material, Corri had a humble and introspective way of seeing, without judgment.

    There was time for us to discuss our stories, and how to avoid our stories turning into horror stories.

    - Michael B. | Victoria, BC

    One of Corri’s strengths is to move and move us from playfulness into depth, and back again seamlessly.

    This topic can be very heavy and dark. Corri keeps me from drowning in the depths – she throws me a bouy of buoyancy and a rope of hope. 

    Corri is not afraid of tears, awkwardness, or whatever crud sits at the bottom of my soul – she draws it out, and shines a gentle light on it, and guards a shame-free space.

    I don’t know how we can tackle and work through such difficult things and honestly still have a blast, at times be shrieking with laughter.

    - Dayna Y. | Victoria, BC

    Course Dates

    January 8 - Mar. 2, 2018

    Registration Dates

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    Burnoutproof PLUS
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    The BurnoutProof PLUS Course includes:

    -weekly live group coaching

    -an assigned burnout buddy

    -action items and worksheets

    -a supportive community

    -two ONE ON ONE coaching sessions with Corri on the topics of your choice

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    BurnoutProof Standard
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    The Standard BurnoutProof Course includes:

    -weekly live group coaching

    -an assigned burnout buddy

    -action items and worksheets

    -a supportive community


    BurnoutProof Standard:
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    BurnoutProof LITE
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    This is the do-it-yourself at your own pace flexible version of the Burnout Proof Course. 

    It does NOT include live group coaching. 

    LITE BurnoutProof Course:
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    This course is NOT for you if

    1.    you already have a really balanced and healthy life (physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, socially)

    • Caveat: life changes; this could be a good time to burnout-proof yourself for the future. It turns out that burnout-proofing consists of building emotional health and intelligence, so that’s what this course does.

    2.    you are convinced you are too strong to burn out.

    3.    You’re not interested in learning and changing.

    4.    You find Corri super annoying. Some people find her delightful and funny and seriously wise. If that’s not you, please go find someone else to walk you through burnout-proofing your life; no offense taken!


    This course is for you if

    1.    You are in danger of burning out

    2.    You are recovering from burnout

    3.    You’ve burnt out before and don’t wanna do it again

    4.    You’re a person who pushes yourself and never wants to burn out

    5.    Someone close to you has burnt out. (Best idea: go through the course together)

    6.    You don’t have time for this course. (you probably need it then)

    Important note: If you are in the midst of a severe burnout or recovery, this course is not your only answer. I strongly recommend one to one or group therapy. Think of this course as a supplement and a community of people who understand what you’re going through. I am a coach, not a psychologist or psychiatrist.


    BurnoutProof LITE

    $119 CDN(tax incl.)

    *on sale now*


    • This course:
      • includes intelligence and insight, excellent teaching full of analogies, simple and practical PDF worksheets, doable and important action challenges, transformative live coaching, laugh-so-hard-you-pee-a-little-bit humour (*adult diapers not provided*), empathic support, love, encouragement and fun. 
    • This is the 'lite' at-your-own-pace version: you won't be assigned a buddy, you won't get personally coached. 
    • It can be super beneficial to participate in a more low-key way; like reading a book and doing an online course, but a bit more interactive!
    • This course is recommended for those who are profoundly overwhelmed right now; you could always upgrade later.
    • Purchase now 

    BurnoutProof Standard

    $399 CDN incl. taxes

    *on sale now*


    • The course:
      • includes intelligence and insight
      • a supportive buddy
      •  excellent teaching full of analogies
      • simple and practical PDF worksheets
      •  doable and important action challenges
      • transformative live coaching
      • laugh-so-hard-you-pee-a-little-bit humour (*adult diapers not provided*)
      • empathic support, love, encouragement and fun.
    • Limited spaces available.
    • Recommended if you want an understanding community along with live coaching
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    BurnoutProof PLUS

     $655 CDN incl taxes

    *on sale now*


    • The course:
      • includes intelligence and insight
      • a supportive buddy
      •  excellent teaching full of analogies
      • simple and practical PDF worksheets
      •  doable and important action challenges
      • transformative live coaching
      • laugh-so-hard-you-pee-a-little-bit humour (*adult diapers not provided*)
      • empathic support, love, encouragement and fun.
    • Private Sessions: two one-on-one coaching sessions with Corri .... on any topic you choose! (value for two 55-minute 1-on-1 coaching sessions: $220).
    • Plus access to The Vault, where amazing extra resources are kept (interviews, videos, audio, files, reports)
    • Limited spots available.
    • Recommended for community plus the chance to meet privately with Corri and get one on one coaching
    • Purchase now

    BurnoutProof Alumni

    Tina talks BurnoutProof

    What was most valuable about BurnoutProof?


    If you're not on the email list, you're missing out on the free upgrades that will be offered throughout until Wednesday December 20. Sign up below to get Introvert Kingdom INsider status!

    Let's get you belly-laughing again. 

    Let's get you belly-laughing again. 



    1. You don't have time. 

    Buddy, let me tell you what you ain't got time for: 1 year of your life down the toilet recovering from burnout. 2-3 more years still recovering. 

    For real. Are you willing to sacrifice 1-5 years of your life recovering from burnout) because you wouldn’t make changes in time? 


    2. You don't want your life to really change.

    Warning: this course contains no fluff. It is full of directly-applicable methods based on proven theory, distilled for you, by Corri. 

    Here are some of the outcomes of the course. By the end of the course, you'll be able to check these off . . . and more: 

    3. You have no money. 

    This course is on a massive sale that will never be offered again. PLUS, right now if you purchase it once, you get LIFETIME access!! The only limit is that you can't hand your membership down to your kids in your will!

    Do the math. 

    For BurnoutProof (the main standard course) it's on sale for 200 bucks right now. Taxes in. 

    That's $25 a week for 8 weeks. 

    One coaching or counselling session typically costs over 100 bucks. For one hour. 

    Instead you get practical tools (that Corri helps you tweak for YOUR life specifically), amazing community of people who GET it, and remarkable and unusual teaching and coaching. 

    But let's be serious.  

    You're not paying for 8 weeks. 

    You're paying for a transformed life.

    And for a transformation source that you can revisit whenever you get wobbly or wibbly. 

    200 bucks? 

    A crazy bargain. 


    4. Your life is too crazy right now. 

    Phoebe is right: when crazy things are happening, you gotta stop the madness!

    If your life is overwhelming, taking on a course feels extra overwhelming.

    But BurnoutProof will be your bullwhip.

    You will crack that whip and whip the monsters into shape! 

    And your whip-cracking will be much more effective than Chandler's. I promise. 



    What is the solution to burnout?

    It’s a series of beliefs and practices and plans. In short, it’s finding your range of well-being. Well-being includes your body, mind, spirit, emotions, relationships.


    Can I really solve all this in 8 weeks?


    But it’s a start.

    This is a course for busy people. So it’s a way to get started.

    Also, the massive win for this round of burnout proof (Dec – Feb 2017) is that you get lifetime access to this course when you sign up during a promotion. That means you can take a spin at it now. Then again next time it runs through.

    It takes people years to develop huge resilience. But each of us MUST begin precisely where we stand at this moment.


    How does the live coaching work?

    Participants will be placed in a small group of 5-10. That will be your group throughout the entire course. 

    Before the course starts, Corri will offer some live coaching times and figure out what works for everyone. 

    This is an international course, so there will be people in different countries and time zones. 

    The live coaching will be on video. Everyone will be able to see Corri and whoever is being coached, and be able to write in live chats. Each week, one or more participants will receive live coaching while the others witness. This is a very powerful thing to witness and experience. Seeing others break through will help you do the same. 

    Your buddy will also be someone from your group. 

    The live sessions will be recorded in case you can't make it to all of them. 


    What qualifies Corri to teach this course?

    Great question.

    • Corri is a human who has burned out and slowly and painfully recovered. So sheunderstands. She also understands that her experiences and yours are different. She says, “I don’t presume to know what you are going through. But I can empathize. And offer a way out.”
    • Corri is trained as a teacher and a life coach.
    • Corri knows how to research, thanks to her Master’s thesis in history. She has been studying academic journal articles and books on the subjects of burnout, compassion fatigue, and solutions.
    • Corri has coached and taught on burnout and other topics, with individuals, small groups, and groups over 200.
    • Most importantly, Corri read and reread dozens of books as she was recovering from burnout. And she applied what she learned to my her life, bit by bit.

    Corri says: 

    • “The course is a compilation of the practical lessons I learned for my own benefit and have since used with my coaching clients.”
    • “I love to study and read and learn. But I’m not an ivory tower academic. I’m even more passionate about taking a heady matter and putting legs on it. That’s why I do Inkings on my blog. My juice is making an important and complex topic (like burnout) easily digestible. My goal and commitment is your transformation. To see you belly laughing again.”


    If I get the lite or standard BurnoutProof course, can I later change to the BurnoutPlus? 

          Yes. As long as there is room.


    I have a question for Corri. How do I contact her? 

          Please shoot Corri an email

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    Wanna read a love letter from Corri to you?

    Click here.

    Why Does Corri Care So Much About Burnout?

    Corri had a burnout four years ago.

    Her life coach was vital in helping her notice that she was burning out and helping her recover and rebuild. 

    Corri spent years listening, growing, journaling and learning -- in order to rebuild.

    She now brings this knowledge and insight, her coach and teacher training, and personal experience to steer others away from burnout, and toward vitality and joy. 

    Click here for more from Corri on this.


    Your time is precious, we know. You can do this course with 2 hours a week; you could spend up to 6 hours on it. It includes these elements:

    • Intelligence: New ideas and insight set us up for change. 
    • Reflection & Action: You'll reflect on the new concept. And you'll take an action that flows from your reflection.  
    • Buddy: You will connect with your burnout buddy by email and video/phone throughout the course. 
    • Live Coaching: You can participate live, or watch the recording later.  


    1. Stewardship: Only YOU Can Run Your Life
    2. Saying "no", saying "yes!": Limits and Clearing Your Plate
    3. EQ & Feeling your Feelings
    4. What is Life-Giving?
    5. (Healthy) Relationships: Who to Trust, Who to Bust
    6. Boundaries: Vital for Freedom
    7. Seasons
    8. Closure
    • Bonus: Intrinsic value & Selfishness