Undercover Introverts: Are You Faking it too?

Just last Sunday, a former pastor --- talk about a people-oriented job – quietly told me that he is a secret introvert.

Since I started Introvert Kingdom in January, people have sidled up to me and slyly muttered, “hey, about that Introvert Kingdom of yours. . . well, you know, I’m an introvert too. I just hide it well.”

Leaders, teachers, apparent social butterflies. Lots of humans, in different occupations, with varying personalities.

They send me private facebook messages like this, too: 

Gotta love the message above the loneliness quote: "I don't want people in public to know this." !!?!!

So according to my experience, and according to Susan Cain, introvert expert, if you’re faking it as an extrovert, you’re not the only one. Cain talks about introverts faking it in a 2-minute video here.

Are you secretly an introvert? Have you ever pretended to be an extrovert? 

Why pretend to be an extrovert? 
In North America and many other countries, it’s desirable to be magnetic, inspiring, enchanting, powerful. (That’s certainly what I see as an entrepreneur – those are the people seeming to make the money – smooth, know how to sell themselves and their products.)
 In the first chapter of her brilliant book Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking, Susan Cain calls this the Cult of Personality and the Extrovert Ideal.
And you’ve heard the messages.

Put yourself out there. Don’t be a wallflower. Get in the mix. Don’t be a baby.

When I lived in China, it was don’t be shy; just try! Or my personal favourite, 加油!
To value wisdom, contemplation, quiet, tranquility? Maybe. In a way, yes. But not so attention-grabbing or provocative.
Well, guess what? Introverts are having their day. Emerging from the edges and owning their introversion.



What about you as an introvert?

Have you ever -- or do you still -- fake it as an extrovert? And what does that do for you? 

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