Missing the Ferry (Island Life: Part 1)

Saturday morning, my best buddy Dayna and I left the island by ferry: she to watch the Leafs play Vancouver, I to enjoy the city and see friends. We caught "the 9:00 ferry," which to Victoria-dwellers means the Swartz-Bay-to-Tsawwassen-about-1.5.hour-ferry. 

Happy to be on the ferry, excited to support the Leafs. 

Happy to be on the ferry, excited to support the Leafs. 

Dayna wears Toronto Maple Leaf socks. 

Dayna wears Toronto Maple Leaf socks. 

The day was a success. I ate so much great food. The Leafs lost, but Dayna got to be there with many other hardy Toronto fans. 

We planned our return trip poorly. I was having dinner with a German pal and fellow coach. Germanly he asked, "don't you need to leave now to get to your ferry?" Naiively I replied, "It'll be fine."

Ten minutes and a reality check later, Dayna and I are sprinting down Dunsmuir, desperately seeking our subway station, rain-plastered hair bobbing, bison salad swaying in my gut. 

Long story short: we missed the bus to the ferry. 

So we missed our ferry. Found a place to stay, slept in, and arrived good and early for the 11:00 ferry this morning. 

When we should've started boarding, about 10:45, an announcement rang out --- a delay. Half hour. The captain needs to check the wind conditions. Ooohhkay. How long does that take?! Lick your finger and stick it in the air, dude, we got places to be! 

It's 11:30. Announcement voice clicks on: another half hour delay. More checking of wind. Hoh boy. 

Noon. When the speaker clicks on, the raucous waiting room stills instantly. It's a giant, unplanned Mannequin challenge. 

"The 11:00, 1:00 and 2:00 ferries are cancelled. We are hoping for 3:00." 

The room deflates, then erupts. 

The Spirit of British Columbia waits for us for many hours. 

The Spirit of British Columbia waits for us for many hours. 

I was a wee bit sad because I really wanted to get our Christmas tree today. But I had already lost my sh*t last night over missing our bus/ferry, and didn't care to put Dayn or my heart through that temper tantrum again.

Sunday. I wanted to get a tree, read and listen to music and rest today. So I'll do it here, I thought.

As a few nearby fellow would-be-passengers stomped off to take a bus back into town to kill time, I threw my belongings onto their coveted armrest-free chairs, hissing at Dayna to grab the final seat in the line of three.

Step one, samosas. (Surprisingly delicious for a kiosk.) Step two, nap. I stretched right out, my feet on Dayn's lap while she read a book on my iPad. 

Other passengers were choosing phone, laptop, book or sleep too. 

Trouble. I don't mean the distractingly handsome nappers nearby, who are obviously romantics to boot (Leafs’ fans – won’t love conquer all eventually?)

Trouble during my attempted nap. I'd had sips of coffee before the nap, and while my body was loving the rest, my brain began buzzing. With an idea.

After more buzzy minutes, the idea seemed to even trump a nap. So I got up, picked up my phone and my notebook, and began. 


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