be still & let nature refresh you

This Year, Be Still and Let Nature Refresh You

I am drawn to nature’s symmetry, lines and light, curves and shadow, action and stillness, my interaction with her. My first Instagram videos show this: a continuous shot of rain dripping on a wooden roof, green grass in wind. 

Boring? To some, sure. To me, mesmerizing

If I stay still, what is nature doing? was the question. Nature is doing a lot is the reply. A lot of it is subtle – wind ruffling the grass, waves lapping shore.

But if I am still and observant, I see a loon diving, swallowing her fish, diving again in a fluid motion. A seal pops up to gaze at me with inky eyes. Birds birds birds: from majestic herons to zippy hummingbirds to cute fat chickadees. If I just watch, they will delight me with their frolicking.

Perhaps nature’s movements seem subtle at first because we are so accustomed to the buzz and rush of human life: car doors slamming, buses roaring down the street, phones ringing, elevator doors closing. Microwave (so unnecessarily) beeping four times. (Micro-rant: Truly, I’d rather reheat food if I happen to forget. I know I put the food in for two minutes. I will return to fetch it when I see fit.) Stop beeping at me, world!

There’s always noise, quick motion, urgency, so when I sit in nature it seems slow at first. Big deal – just a few waves crashing. But after half an hour or so, I see that nature is alive and awake all around me.

Bugs buzzing, birds swooping, wind ever-changing and rustling my hair and the grasses, ghekos sun-bathing and scurrying for safety, sun glimmering then hiding behind cloud. There is never a dull moment. But there are peaceful ones to be had. For the action of nature never exhausts me.

I wish you and yours a year in which fears are stilled and strivings cease often, in which you set down your busy important life to dwell in nature, in the moment, to ponder and wonder and be refreshed

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