Write Your Own Eulogy (to chart your path)

Greetings, Introvert!

A human comes to me for coaching because something is wrong, or because he wants something else. His life isn't completely upside down, yet he knows he's missing something. Or she's struggling more than she needs/wants to, but doesn't know how to get out.

One of the most important things I do is offer the chance to slow down --- you talk, me listen. See, we usually know what's going on, once we pause to process it, get asked questions, and are heard. (I challenge you to give this gift of pause&listen to someone you love this weekend!)

Yep, listening to your inner self is where we start. Knowing what's going on within you, beneath the surface, is the launch pad for all kinds of transformation. 

SOOO.....for the next few blogs/vlogs, I'm talking about this super-important, change-launching thing: self-awareness. Knowing yourself. Understanding you. To help you get living from the inside out -- authentically and confidently be-ing and expressing yourself. Cool?

And, I'm excited to present these story/coaching blogs. . . as a video! To Vloggie-land! 

<3 Corri