Extrovert-life Burned Me & How I Got Out

Hello there, Introvert!

Can I share a story with you?

I was living the life of an extrovert. Fueled by a "busy-high." You know, a busy-high is when you're high on busyness. You can keep running as long as you don't stop. Exciting. Enticing. Exhausting. Full of purpose and to-do lists.

Busy-high extroversion (plus a few standard life-crises involving health, family, and work) led me to burn out.


Been there? Ouch. It took a lotta work and a long time to recover, and to build new resilience. 

Then, one year ago, I moved to Vancouver Island. Ahh. The island.

Have you been? It's a magical place.

Lofty old-growth forests.
Rugged mountains to climb.
Clear lakes for swimming, and ocean all around.
Even surfing! Some call it Canada's California. Just . . . colder.

How healing to be here. This is where I realized I could be true to myself in my work and play, and even create a business that supported others to do the same.

Moving across the country and leaving your job is kinda dramatic, I suppose. Not for everyone!

Yet sometimes we need to shift our lives, whether dramatically or subtly, perhaps so subtly that only you know the difference. And shift we can. Not easy, but usually simple

You've made some shifts recently, right? Or perhaps you recall making a powerful change.

For me, it got really rough (the burnout) before I paused to ask myself these honest questions. My life coach Mark said, "red light, red light!" So I paused.

And when I thought about my needs and wants, I was really surprised. What I had labelled "frivolous wants" . . . were actually needs. Wow. 


If you're feeling brave enough to PAUSE, get quiet, and notice your life . . .  well, good for you! Let me offer these questions to ask yourself during a pause. 

What do I need? Do I have that?
What do I long for? Am I getting that, or working toward it? 



Now,  P A U S E   &  NOTICE.


Annnnd we're back. High-five yourself! Trust me, it's remarkable to be honest with yourself. 

What did you discover?

Did you discover something that isn't working? Okay, good! You're aware; now you can do something about it.

Ask this: 

What will I change?

Seriously, you and you alone have the power to give yourself what you need and want.

So, whether subtle or dramatic, what are you gonna change?

Hey, I'd love to hear what you discovered and what you commit to changing. Share in a comment, write me a quick email or share it with a friend to give yourself some encouragement & accountability. 

Corri the Introvert