Let Me Be

Hello, Introvert!

Do you ever wish you could hang this on your door?


Do you ever wish everyone would just "let you be" for a while?

It's not that you don't love your people. You love them fiercely. 

But you need space to just BE, alone.

To think. To read. To be silent. To let your thoughts free-fall. To simply not interact for an hour!

How are you doing for introverting time? 
Had any this weekend? 

Join other introverts in the #LetMeBe Weekend Challenge! Get alone to rest, take a photo of you or your setting, and share it proudly with the hashtag #LetMeBe.
Go on, tweet (or Facebook) your quiet-time photo!

Or post below. It's a true accomplishment in our day and age to step back and let the world spin without us. And wildly important for our minds, bodies and spirits. 


You are not alone in your need for quiet and solitude. 

See you in the Twittersphere!

With love
from Corri of Introvert Kingdom

Introvert Kingdom opens spaces for creative introverts to understand, embrace & authentically express themselves.