Unleash Creativity

Hello! Warmest of warm welcomes to Introvert Kingdom, from me, Corri! Thank you for reading! You're here because you love nature, peace, creativity and introspection. (Yes?) 

People have been asking, “What IS Introvert Kingdom?” Great question. I'll start by telling a story about why I started Introvert Kingdom. 
* * * * * * * * * * *
As a kid, I was ridiculously creative. I made up stories and wrote poems in careful print and dreamed and read and read and read.
But somewhere along the way, I got really anxious. Came home from Grade 2 classes with terrible headaches. Ended up getting homeschooled (thanks, mum; you rescued this introvert).
Into my twenties, I knew I was wildly creative, but I kept getting stuck expressing it. Ideas coming outta my ears, but few results. Tinkering, not finishing. So frustrating. Arghhh! Ton of potential, no meaningful outcomes. (You know how this feels?)
I finally broke through.
What did it take?

Loads of ‘Inner Work’. Learning and practicing boundaries, intuition, clarity, and so on. This took courage and authenticity (truth-facing, truth-telling). 
* * * * * * * * * * *
So, Introvert Kingdom? Introvert Kingdom supports & equips creative introverts to break through into powerful self-expression.
I believe that creativity is the release of authentic self-expression. Creativity is powerful. It’s sacred. Creativity beautifies and clarifies and enriches the world.
Creative expression takes a million forms. I ain’t no creativity snob! Creativity is inventing a new soup, changing a workplace dynamic, starting a company, designing an inviting living room, crafting a novel, whipping up a painting. (What do you love to create?)
I want more creativity --- authentic self-expression – in this world!

Stuff gets in the way, right? What blocks you when you wanna create something good? 
How about fear? Fear of being seen, judged, critiqued, mocked?
How about shame? Shame for exposing your true self and facing rejection?
Guilt? Guilt over failing, or letting people down?
Critical Voices? Inside your head, saying, "who do you think you are?? You could never...."?

Yup. You're not alone. 
Introvert Kingdom exists to offer introverts (and anybody who's into introspection) a wide-open space for creating.

And we begin with Inner Work: overcoming blocks, discovering what makes us tick, truly understanding ourselves, accepting ourselves, getting unstuck, digging out guilt, fear and shame, and learning to rest and celebrate. And more. 
Because knowing and loving yourself clears the path for  authentic self-expression. Creativity. 

                                     * * * * * * * * * * * 

My years of learning and growing in emotional health and emotional intelligence --- I bring the best of that to you, as practically as possible, through Introvert Kingdom --- to equip you in getting clear so you can live true to yourself and express yourself.
I will be publishing tools for huge clarity. Track with me, or better yet sign up for the weekly email, for lots more good stuff! You are the best!
Leave a comment. I’d love to hear your thoughts. What do you love to create (or long to create)? What blocks you?
Lots of love & gratitude,