Can we hang out? ""

Hi there, Creative Introvert!

My sister asked me, "can we hang out this Monday?"

I texted her this: 

Hey Lyd, I have people-based activities happening every day this week and twice on Saturday, so I'll be recouping Monday-Tuesday next week.

It's true. It's been a people-ful week. Fun, rich, fulfilling.

But MAN I am wiped! Phew.

Ever feel that way after lots of human interaction? Ever feel like Aqua Stick-Man in my Inking below?

Well, let's take care of ourselves and get some of those "deep talks" in this weekend. And anything else that refills and refuels you. Like a bike ride. 

So websites. Man, they take a lot of work. (Great segue, eh?)

I'm trying to NOT be a web-perfectionist, 'cause we know perfectionism is a 20-tonne shield (code for "not very helpful"). I just wanna get to a readable point for ya. 

Like life, websites offer 20 crumpled-up papers in the recycling bin for every single glowing success. Or cyber-pages discarded, or Microsoft Word documents dragged into the "trash" with that satisfying sound Mac-users love.

It takes grit (passion and stamina) to keep pushing forward toward our goals. (One woman's studies showed GRIT is a major key for success.) 

Anyhoo, here's a glimpse into the photoshoot for These pics are NOT gonna make it onto the website. But you can smirk at them along with me. Smirk alert!


Have yourself a refreshing weekend. Remember to take some quiet time and tweet out #LetMeBe if you want!


Corri, a Creative Introvert (like Aqua-Stick-Man)