"Life-changing. Super practical. Depth mixed with joy and lightness. Oh my word. This is the best Christmas present I've ever bought myself." 
"Don't join unless you are ready for change. It will hurt (at times), you will cry-laugh (at times), but it will be awesome, freaking awesome and so so very very necessary for your survival and thrive-al. It's a life thing."
"I'll never be the same. This is still echoing through my life and the lives of those I touch." 

The next BurnoutProof Course will commence on January 8, 2018

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Welcome to BurnoutProof.

Welcome to lightening your load, and finding joy again.

My name is Corri.

I am a life coach, a teacher, and an avid reader. I am a human who is both fragile and strong. I live in Canada! 

It takes effort to not burn out in our noisy, busy world. Yuck. It can be so overwhelming.

I burnt out four years ago, spent a year recouping, and two more years rebuilding to get back to full strength.

Guess what -- the noisy, busy world is still noisy and busy. But I've carved out life-giving, tranquil spaces for myself, at home and work. More importantly, I consciously changed a great deal on the inside, like my false beliefs and bad patterns (ie perfectionism), that were keeping me on the road to burnout. 

I still make conscious efforts to stay OFF the Burnout Road and ON the road to emotional vitality. 

I created this course to bring you what I wish I had learned years ago. It is possible to burnout-proof your life.

Thanks for being here. Please, poke around on this page, or the more details page. If you're left with any questions at all, just zip me an email. I'll be very glad to hear from you.

with love,


Who is Burnout-Proof for?

For you, perhaps. Let me ask you:

Does it seem like the only time you’re alone and have a moment to think is when you’re on the toilet?

Does it feel like a ridiculous luxury to pause, to reflect on your life?

Do close friends often say:

  • don’t overdo it!
  • you gotta slow down!
  • how do you do it?

Do you lack emotions? As in, you feel numb inside, like nothing is touching you? Or are forever on the verge of tears?

When is the last time you had time to dream about the future?

When's the last time you read a good book, took a nap, or played?

Do you often say:

  • I just gotta push through.
  • I never get enough sleep.
  • I can’t help it, I’m a perfectionist.

Is life like a carousel that won’t stop – a not-so-merry-go-round?

Do you feel like you’re never ever caught up with yourself, never mind ‘ahead’ of the game?

Are you simply exhausted in body, mind and/or spirit?

Once you get a break or vacation, are you too tired to enjoy it? 

Are you always doing?

Do you feel (ever so slightly) like a superhero when you accomplish tons of stuff?

Do you lack identity and confidence when you’re not getting stuff done?  

Would you auction off your eldest child for a hot bath and an evening of quiet?


Do you share any of the worries, thoughts or feelings of these little cuties? 

do you identify with any of these characters? 

If you identify with any of these characters above and how they feel, this is the course for you. Corri is an exceptional coach and facilitator. She designed this course to get you on the road away from burnout and towards vitality and joy. 

Isn't it time to take care of yourself? 


  1. Stewardship: Only YOU Can Run Your Life
  2. Saying "no", saying "yes!": Limits and Clearing Your Plate
  3. EQ & Feeling your Feelings
  4. What is Life-Giving?
  5. (Healthy) Relationships: Who to Trust, Who to Bust
  6. Boundaries: Vital for Freedom
  7. Seasons
  8. Closure
  • Pre-course Prep: Intrinsic value & Selfishness
  • Click here for a more detailed outline.


Your time is precious, we know. You can do this course with 2 hours a week; you could spend up to 6 hours on it. It includes these elements:

  • Intelligence: New ideas and insight set us up for change. 
  • Reflection & Action: You'll reflect on the new concept. And you'll take an action that flows from your reflection.  
  • Buddy: You will connect with your burnout buddy by email and video/phone throughout the course. 
  • Live Coaching: You can participate live, or watch the recording later.  
  • More: Want more info on elements? 


The Burnout-Proof course will take effort.

But every ounce of expended energy . . . 

will lead you toward rest, joy, and refilling patterns.

Why not take a load off?

It's time. 

Why Does Corri Care So Much About Burnout?

Corri had a burnout four years ago.

Her life coach was vital in helping her notice that she was burning out and helping her recover and rebuild. 

Corri spent years listening, growing, journaling and learning -- in order to rebuild.

She now brings this knowledge and insight, her coach and teacher training, and personal experience to steer others away from burnout, and toward vitality and joy. 

Click here for more from Corri on this. 

Praise for Burnout-Proof

I attended a the BurnoutProof series designed and run by Corri in the fall of 2016, with about half dozen other folks. I found the course to be valuable, as Corri was able to create a space where we could be vulnerable, so we could examine ourselves and our responses to life’s stressors in a way that we might actually change these responses. 

In addition to her course material, Corri had a humble and introspective way of seeing, without judgment.

There was time for us to discuss our stories, and how to avoid our stories turning into horror stories.

- Michael Bolstler | Victoria, BC

One of Corri’s strengths is to move and move us from playfulness into depth, and back again seamlessly.

This topic can be very heavy and dark. Corri keeps me from drowning in the depths – she throws me a bouy of buoyancy and a rope of hope. 

Corri is not afraid of tears, awkwardness, or whatever crud sits at the bottom of my soul – she draws it out, and shines a gentle light on it, and guards a shame-free space.

I don’t know how we can tackle and work through such difficult things and honestly still have a blast, at times be shrieking with laughter.

- Dayna Yankovich | Victoria, BC


January 8 - Mar. 2, 2018

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If you have participated and still hate the course, tell me, and I’ll give you your money back. Easy. 

MINI Burnout-Proof Course ($79 CDN + tax)

  • This course:
    • includes intelligence and insight, excellent teaching full of analogies, simple and practical PDF worksheets, doable and important action challenges, transformative live coaching, laugh-so-hard-you-pee-a-little-bit humour (*adult diapers not provided*), empathic support, love, encouragement and fun. 
  • This is the 'lite' at-your-own-pace version: you won't be assigned a buddy, you won't get personally coached. 
  • It can be super beneficial to participate in a more low-key way; like reading a book and doing an online course, but a bit more interactive!

The Burnout-Proof Course  ($199 CDN + tax)

  • The course:
    • includes intelligence and insight, a supportive buddy, excellent teaching full of analogies, simple and practical PDF worksheets, doable and important action challenges, transformative live coaching, laugh-so-hard-you-pee-a-little-bit humour (*adult diapers not provided*), empathic support, love, encouragement and fun. 
  • Couples discount coming up - watch the Burnout 101 or Introvertkingdom Insiders email list!



The Burnout-Proof-Plus+ Course ($347 CDN + tax)

  • The course:
    • has wisdom, sharp teaching, warm support, fresh perspectives, transformation, easy-to-use tools, changes of your choice in behaviour and habits, love and laughter.
  • Private Sessions: two one-on-one coaching sessions with Corri .... on any topic you choose! (value for two 45-minute 1-on-1 coaching sessions: $220).
  • Limited spots available.


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Let's get you belly-laughing again. 

Let's get you belly-laughing again. 

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Q: If I get the basic BurnoutProof course, can I later change to the BurnoutPlus? 

      A: Yes. 

Q: I have a question for Corri. How do I contact her? 

      A: Thanks for your interest. Please shoot Corri an email