December 2016 Special:

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Going through stuff?

Need to pick a direction?

Sick and tired of your life?

Need someone who'll listen, ask big questions, pop you into big, rich perspectives, and won't tolerate bullsh*t (including your excuses)?

Oh hey, that's what I do!

 I'm a real person. My name is Corri. Hi. 

I love contemplation. And action.

In life, we can get caught up in doing stuff, too busy to think about the big picture, about what we really want or where we're headed. 

Wouldn't it be better to do stuff (action), then contemplate and decide to do more stuff, then contemplate again? 

I believe this is how we really learn and grow. This is how we live for real, not accidentally in what happens to us. Happen to your life; don't let life happen to you.

 Do you want to get real about your life? But not sure where to start? Or how to take bite-size chunks?

Ready to go deep, and get sharply clear about your choices? Ready to move forward? 

Are you looking for lots-of-elbow-room freedom in your heart and life? 

Do you want to be more confident and clear? Make decisions without waffling? Get off the fence? 

Do you feel like your life doesn't really represent the true YOU? Are you craving a more authentic life? Do you long to be understood? 


Then get in touch with me, because this is what I do, and I freaking love it. I love asking a question that blows your mind. I love seeing you break free and 'get it,' and tackle hard things and see your life shift before our eyes. 

But don't take my word for it.

Here are some of the terrific people who've worked with me; take their words for it.

If their words resonate with you, here are a few options.

1. Apply to work with Corri. (Only if you're ready for change.) 

2. Get connected by joining the Introvert Kingdom insiders. It's a growing group of clarity and courage-seekers who like intelligent introspection. You'll get occasional emails and won't miss out on the good stuff we do. 

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4. Keep snooping around my website. I made it for you! :) You can find out my deep dark secrets here . . . I used to raise baby goats: true or false? Click to find out

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to connect with you -- but that's your call! 



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